Origen is pleased to share…

Origen has co-sponsored Moved to Do the Same, by Joan Jonas, published by Triple Canopy.

Joan Jonas is a contemporary visual artist and pioneer of video and performance art.

“All of my work from maybe 1970 on referred to the feminist movement, but indirectly,” she has explained. “I wasn’t interested in making political art, but from the very beginning I’ve always been interested in how my work relates to the present situation.”

Origen’s sponsorship furthers its mission of supporting artists.

Origen is excited to support Triple Canopy, a non-profit and New York-based magazine that works closely with artists, writers, technologists, and designers to produce projects that demand considered reading and viewing.

Triple Canopy will distribute a copy of Joan Jonas’s special publication to each guest at next Tuesday’s benefit, honoring Jonas.

Few tickets are available. They can be purchased through the link here.