We believe everyone deserves to collect.

In 2020, Origen launched its private beta with 20 collectors and approximately $500 million of contemporary artwork in their collections. Our collectors ranged from people who had just bought their first artwork to people with decades of experience collecting.


This is what we learned:


  • The preferred way to discover new artists is by seeing what other collectors are acquiring. (For example, if you like X artist, you will want to see who else collects her work, and then see what other artists are in that collection.)
  • After buying an artwork, collectors often have little idea what that artwork is worth (or at what price galleries are selling similar artworks by that same artist).
  • Each time a collector approaches a new gallery, they have to “prove” or “introduce” themselves, in order to find out what work is available for sale. When introductions happen online, often times, either the collector or the gallery (or both) drop the ball on communication.
  • Millennial collectors, which we believe are the fastest growing segment of art collectors, are not secretive about what they are collecting, how much they paid, etc. Older generations of collectors, while more cautious about divulging information, are however more than happy to share tips and “lessons learned” with newcomers.
  • All collectors, regardless of funds, experience collecting, and other demographics, have problems when it comes to access.



Using this information, we further developed Origen to offer collectors:


  • A way to discover artists based on similar collections
  • A live feed of what collectors are acquiring
  • A collection management system
  • Access to a private peer-to-peer marketplace
  • Direct access to gallery sales (and a way to introduce yourself to galleries with 2 clicks)
  • Insights on trending artists
  • Advice and support from other collectors


We are launching with these new features in spring 2022. If you would like to create an account once we relaunch, we invite you to join us. Fill out the information below to be added to our collector list.

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